Sunliner Diner

Brand Identity for Restaurants

Success in our industry is often related to two things — good work and cultivating and maintaining long-lasting relationships.

For Hummingbird, one said success story relates to the entities that have successfully risen from the beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama.

For nine years, Hummingbird helped to brand and execute one of the most successful music festivals in the country — The Hangout Music Festival.

While most might know of us through this work, what they don’t realize is that it actually all began back in 2007 via work on behalf of the namesake restaurant (The Hangout) located on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

Since then our agency has worked to brand and create strategic campaigns for many new restaurant concepts birthed by the Hangout Hospitality Group (HHG). These restaurants include the Hangout, Picnic Beach, The Gulf, and the Sunliner Diner — a retro 50s diner.

The Sunliner Diner

Recently, the Sunliner Diner was featured by “Alabama Life & Culture” writer, Michelle Matthews. Click here to read that article, and to view Michelle’s photo gallery.

For the Sunliner Diner, our team was easily inspired by the vibe, look, and feel communicated to us by our clients and most notably the Atomic Design trend from the 50s. We went to work doing what we do, creating something from nothing. This effort included:

Sometimes it’s hard in this industry to truly take a step back and appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating something from nothing. Just like a builder, it’s always nice to see your work after the fact, and thus it was nice to see the diner and our end product featured by

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