Hangout Music Festival

Since 2011, Hummingbird Ideas has been the creative and design agency for the Hangout Music Festival — designing everything from merchandise, website and RFID ticket wristbands, to on-site festival signage.

Each year, we work to refresh and update all external and on-site festival marketing materials including signage, directionals and stage scrims, website and its rental display and condo rental system, website ticketing portal, festival lineup posters, print and web display banners, social media ads and social post graphics, email blasts, and ticket/credential wristbands for a myriad of ticketing levels.

Each of the last seven years, we’ve assisted in creating messaging and partnerships that have played an integral role in helping to build the festival’s popularity and brand equity with well-known International brands such as: MTV, Chevrolet, Pizza Hut, MTV Live (formerly Palladia), and Red Bull.