Enterprise State Community College

Founded in 1965, Enterprise State Community College (ESCC) is one of the oldest of its kind within the State of Alabama.

Hummingbird Ideas was charged with updating the entire ESCC brand — specifically, ESCC Academics, ESCC Athletics and the Alabama Aviation College (a satellite school). As part of this effort, Hummingbird was charged with creating completely new brand identities, guidelines and logos for each.

For athletics, the school had a mascot with historical significance to the area, in the cotton pillaging Boll Weevil, but no formal primary or secondary logo marks for the Boll Weevil, and no determined fonts to be used or various forms of the logo with word mark.

As part of our efforts we delivered a selected color palate, various hand drawn / illustrated versions of the Boll Weevil, chosen fonts, and a selection of secondary marks for the school. This included designing a new basketball court, and softball and baseball scoreboards. Beyond the basketball court and scoreboards, this new identity will be applied to all ESCC athletic pieces for years to come.

With Academics, our designers drew inspiration from the school’s main entrance. Essentially landing on a new, modern, and clean take of their then existing logo. This mark incorporates a silhouette of the administration building, along with the main driveway that leads to the administration building.