Downtown Mobile Alliance 2016

The 2016 Annual Meeting theme for the Downtown Mobile Alliance was natural for a town that is as unique as its people, “I love Mobile.” It’s not new to the landscape of advertising and/or design, with the famed “I Love New York” slogan coming to life years ago. But, we reimagined the concept to make it uniquely—Mobile, Ala.

Our concept? To show all of the things and ways that make Mobile unique.

Hummingbird’s designer created an icon set, featuring all of the unique objects and associated with Mobile. The color palate was influenced by our city’s most famous tradition, Mardi Gras. We also worked to include quotes from residents throughout the report, allowing each of them an opportunity to detail why they loved our city.

We also included a tearaway “I Heart Mobile” poster in the center of the report, which allowed recipients the opportunity show their love of the city by visually displaying the piece.