Barnhart Crane

We really enjoy the advertising challenge of the category we refer to as “Industrial B To B”, which would include our client of nearly 15 years, Barnhart Crane and Rigging. As you probably know, they are primarily in the “Lifting Business,” projects that involve cranes moving very large and extremely heavy objects from point A to point B. We perceive it as the “industrial moving” business, and because they tend to get the unique projects that have a one-of-a-kind challenge, Barnhart seems to always come up with a one-of-a-kind solution. These projects can employ a wide variety of equipment including, cranes, specialized trucks, barges and what Barnhart refers to as — “cool tools.”

From an advertising and promotional perspective, this inventive impulse communicates clearly and visually in a few seconds, the essence Barnhart. This is a company that will take more time in the planning stage because they believe “thinking and planning” save time and money. This is a company that will propose the unorthodox strategy and will create the tools to execute that strategy if they believe it is the most cost effective and most importantly to Barnhart —the safest.

Whether it takes “cool tools” or building an adjunct to a roadway, or constructing a new bridge over a river or creek, to complete a job safely, in the shortest amount of time — they will do it. It is really important to find the prose or visual metaphor that quickly illustrates what makes the “Industrial B to B,” successful. Effective advertising, particularly in a category that does not lend itself to conventional strategy and tactics, is one of our strengths, and working with a company like Barnhart is something we really enjoy.