Hartmann, Blackmon & Kilgore, P.C., an established and reliable CPA firm on the Gulf Coast, came to Hummingbird Ideas with a common problem looking for a not-so-common solution.

Like much of the competitive landscape, hb&k was named and branded by its founding partners, and was known for completing financials, taxes, and audits for clients. When the firm decided to add more innovative services to its roster of offerings, it made sense to change the name and rebrand the group to be more reflective of who they are now, not who they use to be.

Hummingbird was tasked with concepting and choosing the name, followed by creating and designing the brand identity with its logo, mark, fonts, and colors.

We were inspired by the term “aviso” which was Spanish for “advice boat.” The firm and it’s refreshed list of services were becoming more consulting-based, offering direction and advice to its clients and partner. We then swapped the “s” for a “z” to create a more unique approach to the term.

Meet Avizo.