Asbestos Data Management

Asbestos claims are tedious for attorneys and clients alike. But, our client worked to develop software which helps decrease the amount of time spent in entering and qualifying asbestos claims. This solves lots of problems in areas such as man power, while increasing the rate of success and thus claim awards for clients and attorneys alike. How do you communicate this? In a fun, hand-drawn and illustrated series of email blasts, and a simple landing page with a produced video to explain the software benefits to potential customers.

Our team worked to create a digital and email ad campaign utilizing fact-based headlines and illustrations, meant to communicate the benefits of using the software. The headlines were based off of these three main product points:

The ads used two-color illustrations that support the headlines, using the ADM color palate. The digital campaign effort utilized a web landing page and accompanying explanation video that walked potential customers through the software functionality—allowing them to request a live product demo. The primary campaign traffic driver consisted largely of email blasts targeting the legal profession.