2019 Foo Foo Festival

Founded in 2014, the 12-Day Foo Foo Festival in historic Pensacola, Fla., is truly as unique as its name. Our client, Art, Culture, and Entertainment, Inc., wanted to work on creating a new tourist season during the fall for an area of the Gulf Coast that is synonymous with summer and the beach. What did we do? We named, built, developed and cultivated the brand, and then created and executed its marketing and advertising strategy while working hand-in-hand with the festival’s public relations team and local partners such as Visit Pensacola and hoteliers.

The solution involved distributing grant funding to local arts and cultural organizations in an effort to have them create unique and attractive programming to fill in a two-week calendar of arts and cultural events between some of the area’s already popular events. The idea being that tourists coming for one event may stay longer to attend a myriad of other events.

For the last six years, we’ve overseen an effort for each iteration of the festival to completely update and fine-tune the creative look/feel and messaging strategy, and then use said creative to execute an integrated marketing and advertising campaign that focuses on attracting tourists from 10-12 fly and drive markets from across the Nation to the Pensacola, Florida area.