Crawford began his advertising career at a traditional ad agency, doing non-traditional ad work. Long-Haymes-Carr in Winston-Salem, NC was the agency and his job… writing sitcoms for mega client, RJR Nabisco. After considerable success, his executive creative director, the illustrious Jim White asked him if he’d stick around and lend his talents to more traditional forms of advertising. Crawford found this agreeable, and so a now 21-year long career began. The years that followed found Crawford creating campaigns for such brands as: Hanes, Kiwi Airlines and Wachovia Bank. His experience as a writer/producer (and sometimes even actor) led way to winning numerous industry awards. An atypical career that ultimately returned him to his home city of Mobile. Here you’ll find Crawford lending his talents as managing partner to a rapidly growing agency he started with two other guys some 10 years ago. 

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