Case Studies:
Mobile Gas



Mobile Gas is Southern Alabama's largest natural gas provider. They wanted a campaign that branded the company with a classic look, feel and message, and stayed consistent for better recognizability and repetition. Most importantly, Mobile Gas wanted to better educate the public about the benefits of using natural gas, and natural gas products.


We developed a campaign using natural gas imagery, and smart headlines that educated the reader on various tips and topics. Food cooks faster with natural gas, clothes dry faster, natural gas keeps the water warm when the lights go out. These points and facts because focal points of our message in a creative and engaging way. A coupon system was also utilized to track and determine campaign success.


We created a successful campaign that boosted the image of the company and educated the public and a company image was created through the look and feel of the campaign that also spread into the appearance of the company's building itself. During the lifespan of the cohesive brand appearance, there was an increase in natural gas product purchases through Mobile Gas partners, or from the showroom floor itself.


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Jarrod England

Project Manager