Case Studies:
MAX Credit Union


MAX Credit Union, the second largest credit union in the state, survived the real estate crash by being smart with lending and expansion. Because of this business mindset MAX Credit Union was in a very healthy condition while many surrounding lenders were in a bit of turmoil. MAX wanted to talk to the surrounding customer base with a message of support, and show the many products available to patrons.


Let's get there together. That mantra rang true through the friendly customer services, recognizable faces and wonderful financial products provided. A credit union is a conglomerate of people, people working together to support through lending and increase the betterment of one another's lives. In short, we wanted people to realize that with the strength of MAX Credit Union, and support of MAX Credit Union's financial products, they could see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Success and growth. Each year under the campaign MAX Credit Union not only expanded in member growth, but also actual physical growth as well. MAX Credit Union saw exponential growth in lending capabilities due to the increase in overall account membership. By 2012, because of the membership and lending growth, MAX was able to expand physical outside of their general region and into new territory and new city locations. Adding to its' branch numbers and increasing lending capabilities.


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Jarrod England

Project Manager