Case Studies:
Hangout Music Fest


Since 2011 Hummingbird Ideas has been charged with being the Hangout Music Festival’s advertising agency. Marketing and designing everything for them from from merchandise items to on-site festival signage. Now in 2015, Hummingbird is still working on its fifth year with the festival. Every year we are challenged to grow this brand and every year we succeed.


Refresh materials and maximize new partnerships to create a buzz and grow brand equity.

Tactics: Yearly refresh of “shaka” logo, New website (w/rental display system for condo rental partners), Festival advertising posters, print and web display banners, Social media advertising and social post graphics, Email blast creation and design, Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID: ticketing wristbands and entry credentials developed with festival security), RFID web development with Chevrolet to capture patron info, Eventbrite ticketing page setup & creation (for ticket purchases), On-site festival signage and stage design


Since 2011, Hummingbird Ideas has played an important role in helping the Hangout Music Festival realize tremendous growth in its patronage as well as the festival brand. We have assisted in creating messaging and partnerships that’ve played an integral role in building the festivals popularity and brand equity: MTV, Chevrolet, Pizza Hut, Paladia and Red Bull and assisted with festival merchandise that sells out every year. With the creation of the condo lodging program on the festival's website there has been an increase in bookings with the festival’s vacation rental partners.

2015 Hangout Music Fest logo
2015 Hangout Music Fest website
Hangout Music Fest web display banners
Hangout Music Fest stage graphics

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Jarrod England

Project Manager