Case Studies:
Foo Foo Festival 2014


Arts, Culture and Entertainment, Inc. (ACE), wanted to prolong area tourists’ stay after visiting well known Pensacola events such as the Blue Angels Air Show, The Pensacola Marathon (a Boston Marathon qualifier) and the Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival.

So, ACE decided to hold its first ever arts festival anchored around these events.


We started by naming this new event: “Foo Foo,” a nautical term detailing an impromptu band that would form on naval ships in the 1800’s. The name was a perfect fit based on Pensacola’s Naval history and the eclectic nature of the arts events.

Tactics: Name and logo, Website, Social media mgt., blog posting, Facebook advertising, Web banner display, Email blasts, Public Relations, Outdoor, Print, TV, Radio, In-event marketing and email captures


The campaign resulted in a majority of the patrons prolonging their stay and boosting off-season hotel bookings, achieving a 35-45% increase in off-season hotel stays. Over 60,000 website visitors in roughly 2-3 months with nearly 23,000 Facebook clicks to the website (.87% CTR) and over 8,000 social actions. Over 18,000 clicks to the website through email blasts, nearly 60,000,000 online and print PR impressions, nearly 6,000 clicks to the website through web banners and over 2,000 emails collected in a 2-3 month span.

foo foo fest art and culture logo
foo foo fest 2014, website
foo foo fest email blasts
foo foo fest social media management
foo foo fest 2014 web banners
foo foo fest t-shirts

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Jarrod England

Project Manager