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Barnhart Crane is an international engineering crane, rigging and logistics transport company. For this campaign the focus was on nuclear “remove and replace” projects, where Barnhart will replace needed equipment in nuclear plants such as feed water heaters and other equipment.

The client had already contracted a “real-time content” video to be created for plant managers to watch and learn about the services provided and how Barnhart could save them money by shortening the downtime required when a plant has to shut down an area for equipment upgrades.


Hummingbird developed an ABC test campaign to determine the best method of communication for the plant managers. Each method was tested to determine the highest success rate. A mailing and email list was acquired, listing plants and managers that Barnhart did not currently do business with, and email blasts accompanied all forms of communication.

Tactics: Variable posters displaying the manager’s name and a PURL web address for the video; Variable postcards also displaying the name and PURL but also giving away a BBQ set; Cups mailed in a box with a variable printed card also displaying the name, PURL and BBQ set giveaway


The campaign resulted in average results for the postcard, but extremely high results for the cup. What was determined is that nuclear plant managers are very busy people, and the cups would sit on their desks with the card sticking out (sometimes for a week) before they actually used the PURL and watched the online video. Of those that clicked through, 80% watched the video for its full length (on average 16-18 minutes of online video). Using this info, several thousand cups were mailed to plant managers across the US resulting in a successful campaign spanning over 3 years that generated over $18,000,000 in qualified sales leads.

Barnhart BBQ direct mailer
Barnhart campaign variable poster
Barnhart cup

The campaign resulted in extremely high results for the cup. Thousands of cups were mailed to plant managers across the United States resulting in $18,000,000 in qualified sales leads.

Barnhart campaign email

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