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Several blogs have recently been posted detailing various ‘Ways to get your posts seen more on Facebook’ or ‘Steps to optimize your Facebook page‘ . The question is, why?

If you haven’t noticed, Facebook is quietly moving their business pages feature from a convenient way to interact with your consumers, to a trickier advertising-boosted set up. With pressure from shareholders to bring in a larger profit, Facebook is finding ways to make their advertising efforts more lucrative.

What does this mean for your business page? Well, for starters, even though someone likes your page, it doesn’t mean that they will see it as often (or possibly at all) as they used too. Facebook has changed their algorithm so that business page posts are seen less and less by followers, unless that follower interacts with the page on a daily basis. However, if a page uses promoted posts or advertising they can boost engagement on their page, but this doesn’t guarantee the new likes will see the posts as often.

So, what can you do to increase the number of eyeballs on your Facebook business page? Work on the quality of content you are posting. Then make sure you are monitoring your current posts for optimized days and times to post. Businesses can create great content and have thousands of followers, but if you post on the wrong day and at the wrong time, your content will not be seen. Lastly, and most importantly, create a budget for Facebook advertising and promotions.

One positive offering on business pages is a new feature that goes unused most of the time, primarily because it is not fully understood. The new pages to watch feature allows business to monitor competitors pages and see what posts are getting a lot of attention, shares, etc. Businesses can also use this to see how a business page measures up to the competition.

As Facebook grows and evolves so should your social media marketing strategy. As a business using these sites to promote and build a brand, are you staying current with the changes that could be affecting your efforts? If you are not re-evaluating your online efforts, on a monthly basis, you could be wasting time putting out information to an empty audience.

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